Noanett Garden Club

Noanett's Plant Sale

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Harriett Hallagan's house
from our 2011 Plant Sale 
at Harriett Hallagan's beautiful house and yard.

Thank You Harriett!

Pictures courtesy of 
Chris Wood, 
Carrie Waterman, 
Dorsey Cabot 
Sue Termyn.

Thank you Ladies!!!
Plant Sale Chairs Wendy Ludwig, Lee Patterson, Harriett Hallagan and Carrie Waterman
Dorsey Cabot hanging balloons at the entrance of Harriett's driveway.
Harriett Hallagan, the hostess with the mostest!!!
Container Plants
Look at all those plants dug up or grown by Noanett members!
Setting up the boutique... the pots!
Wendy watering plants
Elaine Fiske and Harriett Hallagan in deep conversation
Carrie, Wendy and Becky Hamlin
This looks like a real nursery!!
Gunnila Whiting and Diana Cherot at the check out desk
Bev Ryburn, Tents Adams, Kaye Vosburgh and Mary Norton our 2nd shift of cashiers!
Harriett with her daughter Elizabeth Budd
Wendy Ludwig and Sierra Bright
Nancy Walton and Carleen O'Brien
Sheilla Hollins, Marmee Taylor and Teak Hewitt
Becky Hamlin and Chris Wood
Setting up the other part of the boutique... Great stuff!
Mary Petrini... You go girl!
Wendy Ludwig
Working hard to make the tables look fabulous!!
Lin Murray
Peggy Ford
Tents Adams and Lee Patterson
Carey Edward and Elaine Fiske
"Now... Hpw can I hook these up 
so they will fly?" 
Teak Hewitt and Lee Patterson
Wendy Ludwig, Chris Wood, Carrie Waterman and Lin Murray
Wendy Ludwig
Chris Wood
Look at all those gorgeous plants!!
Polly Pierce and Sierra Bright grooming
Carleen O'Brien
Polly Pierce - How can I make this look better?
All those wagons were used!! Pretty cool!
Caroline Whitney, Gardi Hauck, Kaye Vosburgh and Mary Norton
Teak Hewitt and Lee Patterson
Mary Petrini
Carrie deep in thought!
Sue Hicks and Jennifer Blake
Peggy Ford
Mary Petrini, Liz McCabe and ?
Mimi Pratt and Tenney Cover
Marmee Taylor and Teak Hewitt
Peggy Ford is moving plants to their final destination as many Noanett members set up the Collector's table.
Marmee Taylor and Gunnila Whiting work hard to price all the plants.
Jen Mitchell, Bev Conklin and Brooke Cabot
Customers browsing thru our book slae part of the sale.
Bev Ryburn and Wendy Ludwig
Becky Hamlin, Peggy Ford and Carey Edwards