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The Cabot Bowl

Noanett's Photography 

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Chris Wood.       
   Christy Millet,

Cabot Bowl winning photos. Click on this button to see the photos.

The Cabot Bowl 

Noanett's Photography Competition and exhibit


Mrs. Dorsey Cabot generously donated the Cabot Bowl to the Noanett Garden Club in 2009 for the purpose of acknowledging excellence in photography. Entries are limited to subjects consistent with GCA interests such as horticulture, flower arrangement, garden/landscapes, conservation/the environment, historic preservation and civic improvement.

The Cabot Bowl is given in recognition of creativity, composition, technical merit, distinction and interpretation of theme. It is awarded each year to the photographer receiving the highest number of points within a year.


 Scale of points:

        First        7

        Second               5

        Third                3

        Honorable Mention                2

        Entering competition                1

        Entering all yearly competitions           10


The entering point is added to the appropriate number of points earned for each place. Total points for all Cabot Bowl competitions within the year are added together for the award.