Noanett Garden Club

Winters' Treasures

Noanett's Winter Horticulture Show

Winters' Treasures

Noanett Horticulture Show

“Winters' Treasures”


Refer to Noanett Horticulture Show rules



Container may include more than one plant of the same species or cultivar except where noted. Containers may not exceed 12” diameter/diagonal except where noted.


            Plants Grown Primarily for Flowers

            Must be in bloom

            1. Begonia

            2. Camellia

            3. Gesneriad

            4. Hibiscus

            5. Paphiopedilum

            6. Cattleya

            7. Phalaenopsis

            8. Other orchids

            9. Other plants in bloom



            10. Cacti

            11. Other Succulents


            Plants Grown Primarily for Foliage

            12. Begonia

            13. Fern

            14. Hedera (Ivy)

            15. Other plants grown for foliage


            Trained Plants

            16. Trellised

            17. Topiary

            18. Trained to a standard


            Forced Bulbs or Corms

            19. Amaryllis

            20. Hyacinth

            21. Narcissus

            22. Cyclamen                       

            23. Miniature corms or bulbs

            24. Other forced bulbs or corms



25. Mixed Container of Bulbs or Corms. Must contain at least 3 different species or cultivars of bulbs or corms. Key card required. Container may not exceed 16”.



            26. Cut Specimen Blooming Naturally Outdoors.

A blooming branch or stem of a hardy plant cut from the exhibitor’s garden. Not to exceed 30” in length.

            27. Cut Specimen Forced Into Bloom.

A blooming branch or stem of a hardy plant cut from the exhibitor’s garden and forced into bloom indoors by the exhibitor. Not to exceed 30” in length.


PAR CLASS (Class 28)

            28. Par: An exhibit of exceptional horticultural merit, which does not qualify for entry elsewhere in the Horticulture Division. Entries in the Par classes must be owned and grown by the exhibitor for a minimum of one year. Cut specimens or hanging baskets are not permitted. Containers may not exceed 12” diameter/diagonal.