Noanett Garden Club

The Whiting Bowl

Noanett's Flower Arranging 
Design Competition
Ginna Parker,
Priscilla Worrall,


The Whiting bowl is given for excellence and inspiration in flower arranging and was presented to Noanett Garden Club in 1964 by Mrs. Robert G. Fuller in memory of her mother, Mrs. Max Whiting.

It is awarded each year to the flower arranger receiving the highest number of points. Scale of points:

        First       7

        Second        5

        Third        3

        Honorable Mention        2

        Entering competition        1

The entering point is added to the appropriate number of points earned for each place. Total points for all three Whiting Bowl competitions are added together for the award.



Flower arranging is the art of organizing the design elements of plant material and other components according to design principles. Its purpose is to obtain beauty, harmony, distinction and expression.

The components (not elements) of the flower arrangement are:

        · plant material           · accessories

        · container                  · features

        · background               · bases

        · mechanics


The elements of design are:

        · space · pattern

        · line · texture

        · form  · color

        · light  · size


The principles of design are:

        · balance                    · rhythm

        · contrast · proportion

        · dominance                · scale