Noanett Garden Club




1.        Please carefully read and follow GCA flower show rules, general information and division guidelines.  All rules as stated in The Garden Club of America Flower Show and Judging Guide, July 2014 Edition, shall apply.


2.      All plant material must be correctly identified with the botanical and common names, if possible. Accepted references for nomenclature are:  AHS A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, The Plant List atwww.the,  International Plant Names Index atwww.ipni.orgor, Plant Systematics atwww.plantsystematic .org,Royal Horticultural Society plant finder database


3.      The Garden Club of America expects all exhibitors to be aware of the need to promote conservation of endangered and threatened plants. Plants collected in the wild and listed by the MANatural Heritage Program may not be exhibited in any flower show sponsored by a GCA club. Cultivated plant material listed by Massachusetts’s Natural Heritage Program may be exhibited if accompanied by a typed card stating that it has not been collected from the wild or that it was collected out-of-state and giving information concerning its cultural requirements and methods of propagation.Natural Heritage Program lists of endangered plant material will be available before and during the show from the division chairmen and are available online at threat.html  


4.      Plant material showing evidence of insects or disease must be removed immediately from the exhibition area.  This rule will be enforced at any time during the show, whenever the problem is identified.


5.      Fresh plant material must be in water or conditioned in such a way as to remain in pristine form while on exhibition.  An entry not maintained in show condition may have its award removed.


6.      Locally invasive plants, diseased plant material, artificial plant material, live animals (including fish), taxidermy, natural birds’ nests, and protected sea life, are not permitted,


General Information


1.      Entries are open to all Noanett Garden Club members, including provisional, and professionals in their disciplines.


2.      Registration is not required for any classes.


3.      While The Garden Club of America and Noanett Garden Club will exercise due caution in safeguarding exhibits, responsibility for damage, loss or personal injury cannot be assumed.


4.      An entry card must accompany each entry.  Entry cards will be available at the show.  Information required on the entry card must be completed in black waterproof ink.


5.      The passing committee must pass each entry before an exhibitor may leave the show area. The passing committee reserves the right to refuse any entry that does not conform to the rules of the schedule.  The exhibitor has the option of correcting the entry, if time permits.  If not corrected, the entry cannot be judged, but may remain in place, marked “For Exhibit Only” with a brief, constructively worded statement explaining why it was not judged.  The judges may not disqualify any entry passed by the passing committee, unless evidence of insect infestation or disease is identified.


6.      Once an entry is passed, the exhibitor(s) must immediately leave the exhibition area.  A passed entry may not be touched again by the exhibitor until after judging


Floral Design Guidelines

  1. Please carefully read and follow the GCA Rules, General Information and Timetable for Exhibitors.
  2. An exhibitor is permitted only one entry per class, but may enter more than one class. The exhibitor(s) under whose name(s) the entry has been registered must create and complete the design. All participants must be listed. Only listed exhibitors and show personnel may be on the show floor at the time of entry.
  3. If forced to withdraw, an exhibitor must notify the registration chairman and class consultant, and find a substitute unless there is a waiting list for the class.
  4. Mechanics should not be visible unless they are an integral part of the design.
  5. Designs may be executed off-site and brought to the show completed
  6. Anything not prohibited in the GCA Rules, Floral Design Division Guidelines, or individual class descriptions is permitted.
  7. Although permitted, the use of cut fruits and vegetables is discouraged and should be undertaken only with proper treatment to prevent spoilage and insect contamination.
  8. Judging will be based on the principles of design: balance, contrast, dominance, proportion, rhythm and scale; and the elements of design: light, space, line, form, color, texture, pattern and size. Creativity is important, as are distinction, conformance to and interpretation of the class and schedule.
  9. Accessories are permitted, unless otherwise stated in the class description.