Noanett Garden Club


Historic Daffodil & Native Plant Garden 


Elm Bank

The Massachusetts Horticultural Society
Wellesley, MA

Harriet Hallagan,
Lin Murray,

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 In 1999, after the Massachusetts Horticultural Society (MHS) moved from its Boston location at Horticulture Hall to its new suburban campus at Elm Bank, Noanett Garden Club first contemplated installing a garden on the Wellesley site. Noanett was without a community project at the time and it was the wish of the Board to establish a club project that would benefit the community, MHS, and its own members. When the opportunity to have a garden at Elm Bank became available the membership was all in favor of taking the plunge. The first garden proposed was made up entirely of historic daffodils. It quickly became apparent that the season of interest for a garden of this sort was very short. What to plant with the daffodils? Native, ornamental grasses were researched, ordered, and planted the following spring.  The next group of plants added to the site were native woody plants. In 2008, the club got together and panted 1,000 new daffodil bulbs. Beautiful new signage and a large teak bench have also been installed. In 2009 a members of the Aster Family were added between the grasses. The next phase of development includes removing and thinning out some of the larger, less upright grasses and intruding more native perennials. Work should begin on this phase in the spring of 2011. Our garden at Elm Bank is a source of great pride for Noanett Garden Club. This is a club-wide project. Everyone is expected to work at some point during the growing season on the garden-no exceptions! We are happy to continue to support Elm Bank and the Massachusetts Horticultural Society.

Noanett's Plant Collections
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Noanett's historic daffodil collection
Noanett's Asteraceae Plant Collection