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Noanett has been
A member of The Garden Club of America since 1923 
 The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts since 1929.  

Conservation Workshop

Composting with Polly Pierce
a wonderful tour of the special things in her garden!
May 15, 2011

Elaine Fiske, Sue Hicks, Lee Patterson, Polly Pierce,???, Mary Cutler
Notice 3 piles. Left to right-- fresh-1 year old; 2 years old; 3years old and ready to use.
Compost year 3 and ready to use!
Compost sifting area
Her trusty leaf chopper/crusher which helps to make wonderful leaf mulch. The mulch (spread on the garden both spring and fall) is another big secret to the success of her fabulous gardens.
Polly's cold frame
Polly's vegetable garden ready for the climbing
Compost year 2
Polly turning the compost from her current compost file
Compost sifting area from the back
Lath House, used to house her shady house plants
Polly's vegetable garden before planting.  She plants, then
lays down a few layers of newspaper, and covers it with hay.  
This keeps away most of the weeds.
An Album of some of Polly's gorgeous plants!
Trillium. Notice all that wonderful leaf mulch!