Noanett Garden Club
Noanett has been
A member of The Garden Club of America since 1923 
 The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts since 1929.  


Christy Millet,
Barbara Millen,
~ What our committee does ~

Purpose:   to inform the membership in conservation and preservation concerns. We attempt to provide lectures, trips and workshops, which evolve around better sustainability of our natural resources and our environment encompassing Water, Air, Earth, Toxins, and Health.

Columnbine: publish articles, which can include useful information for home and office, as well as environmental news.

            Club Meetings: organize 3-4 meetings during the year, including one at a regular membership meeting and possibly with the Horticulture Committee.

            GCA Meetings: Attendance at GCA Zone I Conservation meetings is important. The GCA National Affairs Legislation and Conservation Meeting in Washington DC in late February, early March, is strongly recommended, at least every two years.