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The Noanett Garden Club 


Catherine H.Motley 
Service Award

2016 winner of the
Catherine H. Motley Service Award
Ginna Parker

Congratulations Gina!
Passion Flower Award
2016 winner of the
Passion Flower award
Kimberly Hatfield

Congratulations Kim!

The Elm Bank Award

2016 winner of the
Elm Bank Award
Debby Conant

Congratulations Debby!

 Noanett Awards


Catherine H. Motley Service Award

Noanett Garden Club established a new award in 2002 to recognize outstanding service to the Club. The Board voted to name it the Catherine H. Motley Service Award in memory of Kitty Motley.



2002    Mrs. Caroline H.B. Whitney

2003    Mrs. Katharine D. McGill

2004    Mrs. Robert E. Hallagan

2005    Mrs. Lawrence A. Norton

2006    Deborah L. Dean

2007   Jane H. Cheever

2008   Laura F. Taylor

2009   Nancy C. Weinstein

2010   Brooke Cabot

2011   Becky Hamlin

2012   Carleen O'Brien

2013   Lin Murray

2014  Yvette Shakespeare

2015  Laurie Rabe

2016  Gina Parker


Passion Flower Award

Noanett Garden Club established the Passion Flower Award in 2007 honoring a new member who exemplifies outstanding generosity, support, spirit and enthusiasm.



2007   Carleen O’Brien

2008   Jane E. Murphy

2009   Christine Battat

2010   Susan Termyn

2011   Laurie Rabe

2012   Not awarded


2014   Kirke Hall

2015   Christy Millet

2016   Kimberly Hatfield


The Elm Bank Award

Noanett Garden Club established a new award in 2015 to recognize a member of the Club who has assumed and carried out their role in the operations, planning or administration of duties for the Elm Bank Gardens with initiative and in such a manner that was extremely beneficial to upholding the quality and beauty of our gardens at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Elm Bank.



2015     Sheila Hollings

2016 Debby Conant

Wakefield Award

The Wakefield Award was initiated to recognize and perpetuate the design, originality and charm of Noanett’s most outstanding established small gardens and significant portions of larger gardens.


1990 Entire Garden: Mrs. F. Reed Estabrook, Mrs. Esther Grew Parker, Mrs. Samuel M. Ryburn

1990 Specific Features: Mrs. Peter W. Nash, Mrs. Daniel Pierce

1992 Entire Garden: Mrs. Myles L. Mace

1995 Entire Garden: Mrs. James L. Joslin

2002 Garden Rooms: Mrs. Virginia Drew Hill

2004 Entire Garden: Mrs. Audrey J. Briggs