Noanett Garden Club

National Medals

won by 
Noanett Members

Massachusetts Horticultural Society 

Honorary Medal Awards:


Thomas Roland Medal

1957  Mrs. Lucien B. Taylor


George Robert White Medal of Honor

1990    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hunnewell


Gold Medal

1950    Mary May Binney (Mrs. G. Kennard Wakefield)

1978    Mrs. Lucien B. Taylor

1986    Mrs. G. Kennard Wakefield

1998    Mrs. Daniel Pierce

2005    Caroline H. B. Whitney

2011    Carolyn D. Waterman


Gold Medal for a Four-Season Garden

1953    Mrs. Arthur Adams

1964    Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Cabot

1967    Mr. & Mrs. Lucien B. Taylor

            Mr. & Mrs. James H.Perkins       

1984    Mr. and Mrs. F. Reed Estabrook, Jr.


Silver Medal for a Seasonal Garden

1946     Mrs. Arthur Adams


Collector's Garden Medal (Bronze)

 1964   Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bradley

 1964   Miss Amelia Peabody


Albert Cameron Burrage Porch Gold Medal

1984       Mrs. James Lawrence


American Daffodil Society: 

Silver Medal

2014    Mrs. Peter W. Nash