Noanett Garden Club

The Noanett Garden Club 

GCA Awards

Christina Hobbs 
wins the 2016 GCA 
Medal of Merit 
her long time service to Noanett and the GCA

Congratulations Chris!

Harriett Hallagan 
wins the 2016 GCA 
Club appreciation Award 
her everything Harriett does for Noanett

Congratulations Harriett!


GCA Member Years of Service Certificate

Available to members in increments of 5 years beginning with 25. This is a New Award from the GCA. Honorary members do not qualify.

GCA Member Years of Service

2016 Caroline H.B. Whitney 30 years
2016 Katherine Dexter McGill 30 years
2016 Harriett H. Hallagan 40 years
2016 Mrs. Kevit R. Cook 45 years
2016 Mrs Richard G. Brace 50 years
2016 Laura F. Taylor 55 years
2016 Edie Hunnewell 55 years
2016 Mrs. P. Loring Reed, Jr. 55 years



GCA National Awards


Distinguished Service Medal

1955   Mrs. Lucien B. Taylor


 Mrs. Oakleigh Thorne Medal

1960   Miss Amelia Peabody


Amy Angell Collier Montague Medal

1983   Mrs. G. Kennard Wakefield


 Katharine Thomas Cary Medal

1996   Sally Willauer Nash


GCA Zone Awards


Creative Leadership Award

1998        Mrs. Charles G. Carothers III



Conservation Award

1965        Mrs. Lucien B. Taylor

1981        Mrs. John S. Farlow, Jr.

1984        Mrs. Henry D. Russell

1989        Mrs. Kevit R. Cook

1992        Mrs. Sturtevant T. Hobbs

1996        Mrs. John H. Hewitt

2009        Mrs. Daniel Pierce


Horticulture Award

1971        Mrs. Lucien B. Taylor

1982        Mrs. Edward W. Lawrence

1985        Mrs. Daniel Pierce

1989        Mrs. Douglas Payne

1993        Mrs. Samuel M. Ryburn

2002        Mrs. Robert G. Armknecht

2005        Carolyn D. Waterman

2013        Alicia T. Patterson               


Judging Award

2015 Carrie Waterman

Barbara Spaulding Cramer Flower  

1987   Mrs. Peter W. Nash

1994    Mrs. Robert G. Crocker


GCA Zone I Awards (only given in Zone I)


Dorothy Wheatland Horticulture Education Award

2001    Mrs. F. Reed Estabrook       

2004     Mrs. Daniel P. Pierce

2013     Carolyn D. Waterman


Nell Schwartz Mentoring Award

2005       Mrs. Peter W. Nash

2011          Carolyn D. Waterman


Boston Committee Awards


The Boston Committee Bowl for Civic Achievement

1996     Mrs. G. Kennard Wakefield


GCA Club Awards


Club Medal of Merit

1957         Mrs. Ralph Bradley

1968         Mrs. Hilton W. Long

1970         Mrs. Joseph B. Fyffe

1972         Mrs. G. Kennard Wakefield

1982         Mrs. J. Linzee Weld

1984         Mrs. F. Sargent Cheever

1987         Mrs. Elizabeth P. Henry

1991         Mrs. Edward W. Lawrence

1992         Mrs. Robert G. Armknecht

2000         Mrs. Francis Blake

2002         Mrs. J. Donald Taylor

2004         Mrs. Samuel M. Ryburn

2015 Mrs. Lawrence A. Norton

2016 Christina Hobbs


GCA Club Appreciation Award

1996         Mrs. Lawrence A. Norton

1997         Mrs. Sturtevant Hobbs

2000         Mrs. Woolsey S. Conover

2001         Mrs. Frederick T. Wright

2002         Mrs. Daphne B. Prout

2004         Mrs. Myles L. Mace

2005         Mrs. Joanne D. Bovey

2006         Mrs. Diana Prout Cherot

2007         Mrs. Charles Colby Hewitt III

2010         Mrs. Samuel Ryburn

2012         Mrs. Dorsey Cabot

2013         Laura Rabe

2014         Tenney Cover

2016 Carleen O'Brien


Club Civic Improvement Award

2007    Susan S. Hick

2012    Harriet Hallagen & Elaine Fiske

2015 Linnea Murray

2016 Laurie Rabe

Club Communications Award

2012    Alicia T. Patterson

2015 Brooke Cabot

Club Conservation Award

1970        Mrs. Joseph B. Fyffe

1979        Mrs. Henry D. Russell

1980        Mrs. G. Kennard Wakefield

1989        Mrs. Sturtevant Hobbs

1991        Mrs. Edward H. Ladd

2000        Mrs. John A. Blanchard

2016 Caroline Whitney


Club Flower Arrangement Award

1999         Deborah L. Dean  

2007         Mrs. Kirby G. Vosburgh

2012         Peggy Ford

2015 Yvette Shakespeare

2016 Beth Paisner


Club Horticulture Award

1968    Mrs. Frank A. Royce

1972    Mrs. Daniel Pierce

1979    Mrs. Daniel Pierce

1980    Mrs. Curtis Prout

1982    Mrs Ester Grew Parker

1989    Mrs. Myles L. Mace

1993    Mrs. F. Reed Estabrook

2000    Carolyn D. Waterman

2007    Anne Marie Woodhouse

2011    Alicia T. Patterson

2012    Lin Murray

2013    Elaine Fiske


Club Photography Award

2011    Susan Termyn

2012    Chris Wood

2014    Dorsey Cabot