Noanett Garden Club

Noanett Garden Club

New Member Information

Applications are due by January 30th
(Ignore the March 1st date on the application guidelines)

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Provisional Requirements

 All new members shall be Provisional members.

   A candidate for Provisional Membership must be proposed in writing by one member, seconded in writing by two members, and the nomination sent to the Admissions Committee which will recommend the candidate to the board


   Provisional members shall be elected by the Board 

   After a candidate has been duly elected, the Provisional Chair shall send notice of the election and an invitation to join the Club, and shall notify the Treasurer.


    Newly elected provisional members are encouraged to complete a required program within a one-year period. This time frame may be extended to a two-year period if necessary.

The requirements are to:

1. Attend 5 membership meetings*

2. Attend 1 board meeting

3. Attend 1 Hort workshop 

4. Participate in 1 Taylor bowl Horticulture Show, 1 Whiting bowl Flower Arranging Show and 1 Cabot bowl Photography Show 

5. Visit the Greenhouse

6. Participate in a seed-sorting group project

7. Provide bag lunches to visiting judges who are judging various shows

8. Participate in Noanett fundraising events

9. Work in our Elm Bank Garden

 Upon completion of the program, they may be elected to Active membership as space becomes available. In individual cases, the Provisional program may be curtailed or waived at the discretion of the Board.

* Workshops may substitute for some meetings upon the discretion of the Provisional Chairman.

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