Noanett Garden Club
Noanett has been
A member of The Garden Club of America since 1923 
 The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts since 1929.  

Club Guidelines

Proposing New Members ~ Provisionals ~ Visiting Gardens
Hostessing Duties

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Procedure for Proposing a Member:


1. Refer to the Bylaws, Article VI.


2. The name of a candidate for Provisional Membership must be submitted by January 1 to the Admissions chair, who will submit the name to the Board at their January meeting.


3. After the January Board meeting, application forms will be made available.


4. A candidate for Provisional membership must be proposed in writing by one member and seconded by two members (No more than two letters may be written by Board members.) The candidate should also be known personally by five other members.


5. A candidate may not be proposed or seconded by an Officer of the Club or by a relative, familial or by marriage.


6. A completed application package must be re- turned to the Admissions Chair by February 15.


7.       Candidates are voted on only once a year,

at the April Board meeting.


8.       It is the expectation that the proposer and/or seconders will mentor their candidate during her Provisional year(s).





As members of a garden club belonging to The Garden Club of America, it is our privilege to visit private gardens of other GCA member clubs. Up to three non-GCA friends may accompany you.


To do this, contact our Visiting Gardens chair and request from her the name, address and phone number of the Visiting Gardens Chair in the place(s) you will be visiting. Then, at least four weeks in advance, contact that person(s) and request that your tour be arranged.


Information for Prospective Provisionals


As a “newly” elected provisional member you shall be required to fulfill the following program within two years. It is possible to complete the following in the course of one year but we will allow a two year provisional period if you would like it.


1.    Attend a Noanett Board meeting at which the Board members will explain to you their functions.


2.    Attend a minimum of 5 monthly general meetings per year (if you are doing the provisional requirements over two years you will need to attend 10 meetings).


3.    Enter one (or more) of the Whiting Bowl flower arranging competitions.


4.    Enter one (or more) of the in-club Taylor Bowl horticulture shows.


5.    Visit the Hunnewell greenhouse which is run and used by our membership.


6.    Participate in some aspect of our exhibit at the New England Flower Show.


7.    Attend each of the following special meetings:

a.    Horticulture workshop

b.    Fundraising Event or Community Service Event

c.     Conversation Meeting (that could coincide with a General meeting)



The Board of Noanett Garden Club reserves the right to alter or modify the Provisional Requirements as they see fit to allow for changes in the programs offered by the Club in a given year. Additionally, the Provisional Chair will work with all Prospective Provisionals to handle any individual modifications required as based on personal commitments and interests. Our goal is to work together to have a rewarding provisional year and get to know all our Club has to offer!





Noanett Members and Provisional’s may be called upon every few years to serve as Hostesses for Membership Meetings.  These duties include providing refreshments to attendees, greeting and directing attendees, passing out and collecting name tags. In short a hostess is a HOSTESS and a facilitator.

The hostesses shall provide the refreshments and any necessary cups, plates, silverware, etc. at their own expense. Noanett will pay for any (necessary) rental of chairs and tables.


If you find that you are unable to perform your duties, you must find a replacement and notify the chairman of Hospitality.