Noanett Garden Club
Noanett has been
A member of The Garden Club of America since 1923 
 The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts since 1929.  



(Written in 1985 by Mrs. J. Donald Taylor

for the GCA 25-Year History)

Joining the Noanett Garden Club 25 years ago as a young new member was an awe-inspiring experience. The ladies of the Club had a certain mystique and all seemed so knowledgeable. There was the constant fear that one of them might turn at any moment and ask the meaning of one of their foreign terms, such as GCA, Federation, or propagation. A new member was expected to participate in the flower arranging competitions ("I'm sorry my arrangement is so short, but I thought the niche went sideways"), join the horticulture classes, ("Does everyone but me know the Latin names of all the plants?"), and eventually become a working member of the Club and serve on the Board.


As time went by and the world of horticulture, conservation, flower shows and such were experienced, our young new member was becoming more knowledgeable and self-assured, enjoying an active role chairing committees, running plant sales, studying landscaping, flower show judging, and keeping abreast of bills pertaining to the environment


There were moments of wonderful accomplishments also: GCA Awards have included the Amy Collier Montague Award and the Crystal Bowl for flower arranging. Members have also won Zone awards in horticulture and conservation and have been honored with the top tribute from the Massachusetts Horticultural Society -- the large Gold Medal. Noanett has undertaken building a garden every other year at the New England Spring Flower Show, and over the past 25 years has won every cup and medal possible and has been awarded the best in show for horticultural excellence.


Noanett's ongoing projects have included our yearly fall Plant Sale and luncheon which features members' horticultural efforts where flower arrangements, primula obconica grown from seed, and members' perennials and wildflowers are for sale. This annual fundraiser enables us to make generous donations to our local interests. Our conservation efforts have included preservation of a noted wildflower garden, the rescue and maintenance of Noanett Brook, an endangered species educational program, and a wildflower rescue committee, where members save plants in areas about to be bulldozed. Noanett is fortunate to have a large greenhouse and solar pit. Members also have available flower arranging and horticulture classes on a regular basis, which prepare them for competition toward a trophy award. One of our longest standing and most rewarding community projects has been to arrange flowers in the wards of a local veteran's hospital.

Our young new member is not so young anymore. By now, Noanett has become a way of life for her, a source of education, and a warm circle of friends sharing similar interests. The Club has grown and matured over the years--we now have an accountant, a lawyer, and a tax number--but in many ways our interests have remained the same: horticulture, conservation, clean water, and the beautification and preservation of our environment. It seems that during the past 25 years the world has changed more than we have. Our membership has helped bring about the realization of the magnitude of these issues and how we must all work together if our environment is to survive.